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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Happy Republic Day

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DailyNewzHub Wishes you a Happy Republic Day

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

PM Warns Against Protectionism and Globalization

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PM Warns Against Protectionism and Globalization

  • Davos 2018: PM warns against protectionism & globalization losing its appeal, highlights India’s virtues.
  • ILO: 77% Indian workers/46% South-eastern Asian worker to have vulnerable employment by 2019.
CEC: Legal Framework for Simultaneous polls will take Time – Difficult to implement in 2019.
  • Investor wealth rises by 1Lac Cr as stock zoom, BSE Sensex surged past 36K for 1st time.
  • Sensex May Slip To 32K by Dec 2018, Hurt Domestic Inflows, does not tax long-term gains on equities.
  • Telecom Operators Raise App-Based calling, tax rationalization/infra expansion woes with TRAI.
  • India, SA, China May Face Social Upheavals, Income Inequality In Future - result of Industry 4.0.
  • WEF, Reliance Ind to Set up Center for 4th Industrial Revolution In Mumbai focus on Industry 4.0.
  • Albert Einstein's Letter Dated Apr29, 1917 defending Murderer Friend Up For Auction, to end by Jan25.
  • China: Build 6Lane Intelligent Expressway by 2022–Warning system for vehicle safety & Speed up traffic.
  • As the US Goes Quiet on Close Naval Patrols, China Speaks Out upsets peace wantonly provoking trouble.
  • House Votes to End Government Shutdown, sending legislation to Trump, pledged to act on immigration.
  • Right Deal: Canada Will Sign Trans-Pacific Trade Pact with 10 Other Countries in Mar 2018 without the US.
  • Study: Teens using E-Cigarettes likely to try Smoking Tobacco deliver nicotine can be still addictive.
  • Oscar: “The Shape of Water,” Cold War fantasy drama received 10 nominations - war film “Dunkirk gets 8.
  • Hot Jupiter CoRoT2b: Scientist discovered mysterious hot spot 930light yr from Earth with unusual Wind.
  • Magnitude 8.2 Quake Off Alaska Coast Spark Tsunami Warning – destructive far from Epicentre.
  • Swiss on High Avalanche Alert on Eve of Davos Forum Snow slides - deep/large, transit danger.
  • CIA believes N Korea weapons aimed coercion, not just defense, next to develop arsenal of weapons.
  • Scientists reconstruct face of 9000yr-old Greek teenager what people looked like in Mesolithic period.
  • Earthquake shakes Indonesia’s Java, buildings sway in capital - centered off western Java at 43KM depth.
  • Netflix cross $100BN Market Cap as Subscribers Surge, picked up 6.36MN subscribers from Oct.
  • Centipedes Eat Animals 15times their size within 30Sec thanks to powerful toxin Ssm Spooky Toxin.
  • Hospitality sector sees more revenue, profit in 2018 marked by multiple challenges -curbs on liquor/GST.
  • ONGC ties up 18K Cr loan from Punjab National Bank/Bank of India & Axis Bank for buying HPCL.
  • NPPA fixes retail price of 5 formulations used for treatment of hypertension/asthma/heart failures.
  • Mumbai: Rel Energy to set up EV charging station, smart slow/fast charging stations at strategic location.
  • Survival trend during odd-hour improved in past decade or so, are people more likely to die on weekend.
  • Find: Teenagers habitually glued to their smartphones/more likely to unhappier than their peers.
  • Clinical trials: Stringent draft rule put injuries, death onus on drug maker – Trail cancellations & no future.
  • News in Numbers: Amazon Prime to have 25MN items less than two days delivery, up from 11MN items.
  • India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway by 2019– 24 projects in ASEAN & work is on 14 – 16 projects.
  • Du Plisses: India vs. South Africa-normal to get distracted by IPL player auction on last 2 days of final test.
Today’s Word – *Xanthocomic* - Yellow-haired

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Friday, 19 January 2018

Oil prices drop 1% as bounce-back in US production

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Oil prices drop 1% as bounce-back in US production

  • Oil prices drops 1% as bounce-back in US production outweighed ongoing declines in crude inventories.

  • 15 of 28 economists polled by Reuters: GST benefits not felt until fiscal year starting April 2019.

  • On right track? Private Sector may soon run Indian trains on major cities revenue sharing/rental-basis model.

  • Silvasa, Bareilly among 9 new cities added to Smart Cities Mission, No of cities under project is 99.

  • Government: Commencement of country 1st-ever 'Livability Index' to rank 116 cities, result June 2018.

  • India joins chemical weapons parts export control bloc Australia Group, admits India as 43rd member.

  • Microwaves could be bad for environment as cars, emit 7.7MN Ton of CO2 in EU, equal to 6.8MN Cars.

  • Lancet: Early puberty is normal, age 10-24 new adolescence periods –reason bad lifestyle/Environ factors.

  • Study: 80% people play online games to relax, tier II cities most active gamers, avoid depression.

  • Bengaluru Bellandur Lake replete with sewage, chemical effluent catches fire, worries among residents.

  • Government may hand over coal; iron ore mining to steel ministry to boost supplies, speed licenses approval.

  • Trai’s IUC cut drives RIL’s profit growth in Q3 FY18 90% on IUC, recommends mobile calling, Wi-Fi in flights.

  • Setback for Kejriwal as EC seeks 20 AAP MLAs disqualification, set stage for ouster from assembly.

  • Hackers have walked off with 14% of big digital currencies, stolen $1.2BN of bit coin/rival currency.

  • Bit coin investors (Tech-savvy young investors, real estate) in India served IT notice as trading hits $3.5BN.

  • Microsoft develop AI enabled bot artist’ generate images from ordinary pastoral scene.

  • Honda recalls 22834 units -Accord, City, and Jazz in India for replacing faulty airbags manufactured by Takata.

  • Auto parts makers warn of job losses in sudden EV shift, 1.5MN jobs may be lost in large-scale adoptions.

  • Aircraft carrier Vikrant to be commissioned by 2020, Supply Delay by Russia impeded commissioning.

  • Mercedes-Benz 1st to launch BS-VI, locally made S Class produced at Pune facility ahead of 2020 deadline.

  • NHAI toll plazas to have Highway Nest, food & beverage kiosks on both up-side/down-side at all 372 toll.

  • Power producers still evaluating Coal India new pricing policy - all consumers will pay same rate for coal.

  • Foreign buyer keen on Indian organic products; concerned over quality, In South Korea 377 tests.

  • Aiming for 5L WI-Fi hotspots by 2018 end vs. 38K now, literally every village will have 1 Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Face book to let users rank trustworthy/informative in news sources to combat spread of Misinformation.

  • US shouldn't speak for other Countries, says China after US Navy official's China disruptive force remark.

  • US: Influenza outbreak on rise across with more than 30 Children Dead widespread across 49 states.

  • New Poll Says More Americans Blame Trump, Republicans for Potential Gov. Shutdown by 20-pt margin.

  • China: Infra in Doklam legitimate aimed improving lives of troops/people living in own territory.

  • Earthquake Registering 6.3 on Richter Scale Strike Offshore in Mexico's Gulf of California, about 48 miles.

  • India IT-business process Mgmt industry crossed $150BN in 2016-17, 62% exports by US.

  • Is India ready for Industry 4.0 & manufacturing-led growth? AI/Robotics/3D/IoT reduces low-wage labour

  • NR Narayana Murthy-led Sebi panel pitch for friendly tax regime for investors in alternative investment AIFs.
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China’s GDP Growth Official Estimate 6.5

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China’s GDP Growth Official Estimate 6.5

  • China’s GDP growth eclipsed official estimate 6.5%, crossed 6.7% of 2016, which was slowest in 25 yrs.

  • Scientist discover invisible inactive black hole 4times mass of Sun by observing strange star orbiting it.

  • Toothpaste ingredient Triclosan potential to interrupt malaria infections at critical stages- liver & blood.

  • HSD17B4-Men who lack this gene prone to get deadly cancer, mechanistic link between gene/cancer.

  • UP: 18-yr-old Nazia who help bust illegal business gambling/betting to get National Bravery Award.

  • CA final: Karnal boy Mohit Gupta tops with 73% followed by Delhi’s Prashant & Aditya, Total pass 23%

  • Ethics Issue raised as Trump Tower (20 units/$23MN) Gurgaon Promises Buyers US Trip, Trump Jr.Visit.

  • Railway Panel: Plan early get discount on train travel, 20% to 50% discounts based on vacant seats.

  • Massive fire breaks out at non-functional Navrang Studio in Mumbai Lower Parel, no casualties reported.

  • FB’s blood donation feature get 6MN members in India since launched have found at least one member.

  • Warm winter spells doom for farm/tourism sector in Himalayan states, 7000Cr apple economy bad news.

  • Government to raise health spending by 11% in budget; less than requested, lead catastrophic medical expense.

  • EC declares poll dates, Tripura vote on Feb 18; Nagaland, Meghalaya Feb 27, Counting March 3.

  • Apex Court strike down Padmaavat ban by 4 states, restraints others film to release across India.

  • Form panel to assign important cases, 4 SC judges tell CJI Dipak Misra to bring transparency.

  • States ask center to release more fund for key Government scheme to overcome shortfalls due to GST/Demonte.

  • J&K Government devising plan for rehabilitation of ex-militant, complete with jobs/counseling.

  • India says report of Chinese troop’s buildup in Doklam not accurate, but satellite show significant activity.

  • UN Weather Agency: Last 3yrs Hottest on record –2016 warmest ever due to EL Nino.

  • Biocon joins Sandoz for next-gen Biosimilars affordable copies of biologic drugs in immunology.

  • Boeing: Indian aviation growth may drop 12% in 2018 due to rising jet fuel price, domestic consistent.

  • Niti Aayog CEO: Physical banks irrelevant in next 3yrs in India as data consumption/analytics to boost.

  • India launch 1st auction of exploration block under new licensing policy, bring oil imports to 67% by 2022.

  • US EU Japan object to India raising Duty on electronics – Smartphone’s 15%, Television & LED Lamps 20%.

  • CEC: Electoral bonds not solve transparency issues in political funding, but step in right direction.

  • Government to set up $350MN fund to finance solar projects, complete bidding for 115GW capacity by 2019/20.

  • US test Nuclear power system to sustain astronaut on inhabitable Mars, full-power run schedule for Mar.

  • US Jobless claims hit 45Year low as labor market Tightens, supply of available workers dwindle.

  • US: Senate Democrats Claim votes to block short-term spend bill that would Avert Shutdown.

  • Emirates throw Airbus A380 lifeline with $16BN deal to purchase 20 A380 aircraft, option for 16more.

  • Australia Lifesaver: In world, 1st drone rescues swimmers in, spot underwater predator’s sharks/jellyfish.

  • Amsterdam airport cancels all flights as storms blast Netherlands/Trains halted - winds 140 KMs/HR.

  • China’s GDP growth eclipsed official estimate 6.5%, crossed 6.7% of 2016, which was slowest in 25 yrs.

  • Man adopted from Karnataka Niklaus Samuel Gugger (48) become 1st Indian-origin MP in Switzerland.

Today’s Word – *Sabliere* - Sand pit

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Justice J Chelameswar Absent rift in SC remains unresolved

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Justice J Chelameswar Absent rift in SC remains unresolved

  • Justice J Chelameswar absent rift in SC remains unresolved, despite indications that would be.

  • WEF Survey: World riskier place in 2018 –Trump/Kim Jong, Environment, economy & cyber attacks.

  • Cape Town could be 1st major city to run Out of Water After 90-Day Warning – Day Zero on April 21.

  • Not just diet: Weight-loss surgery may halve risk of death in adults – death rate at 1.3% who had surgery.

  • Are you rich? Likely that you’ll prefer short affairs over long-term relationship, change on circumstances.

  • Love adding extra salt to food? May be putting at risk of dementia High salt harm brain.

  • Government lowers additional borrowings to 20K Cr in FY18 on note of revenue receipts & expenditure pattern.

  • Army job aspirants hijack train, harass passengers in Guna; no action by Railways as they are ill-equipped.

  • Rajasthan: 374 H1N1 cases 24 deaths in 2Wks - Jaipur reporting upsurge of cases/local transmission.

  • 5Star or not mandatory for hotels to display status at reception websites, to comply within 90days.

  • Government to hold conclave to discuss feasibility of ‘one nation, one election’ – practical implementation issue.

  • Railway waiting rooms to have TVs, beverages, light snacks – 1st pilot project in Delhi Division.

  • Renewable power Cos compete with thermal plants in spot market, Renew -1st firm as it got better rates.

  • CRISIL: Proposed 70% safeguard duty make solar power less attractive to discoms, as costs up by 25%.

  • Dr Reddy's recalls 1000 vials of Docetaxel breast cancer drug from US over defective container.

  • NPPA fix retail price of 30 drug formulations used for treating diabetes, bacterial infections, high BP.

  • Gujarat: 6 Indian & 4 foreign banks to set shop in GIFT City, at present 11banks have $8BN transactions.

  • Sensex surges 300pts close above 35Kmark for 1st time – took 17 sessions from 34K to reach 35K.

  • Bit coin jolted by regulation worries, might clamp down on skyrocketed asset falls 7% on extended selloff.

  • RBI: All 14 types of Rs10 coin valid, legal tender - reluctance of traders/public to 10 coins over suspicion.

  • India receives twice sunshine as much as EU, to utilize need $125BN to fund renewable dreams.

  • Britain get minister for loneliness’ - issues related to 9MN young/old people & with no social interaction.

  • London: Man arrested for wearing all clothes to avoid excess baggage fee - 8 pairs trousers / 10 shirts.

  • China to send robot submarine followed by divers to explore/plug holes in sunken Iranian oil tankers.

  • Mexico: World’s biggest flooded cave 347km found on exploring maze of channels.

  • Microsoft’s new patent reveals ‘mind control’ brain interface -to control applications through mind.

  • Univ of Strathclyde 2nd highest number of Indian students in Scotland, 131 diff types of scholarship.

  • Study Absolves Rats of Blame for Black Death killed millions in medieval Europe, spread by Humans.

  • Trump: Accuse Russia helping North Korea evade sanction, signal growing frustration with befriending nation.

  • Trump Shoot down Netanyahu Remarks on US Embassy Move This Year, not earlier than 3years.

  • Brexit Bill Passes Final Stage In Britain's House of Commons – aims to incorporate EU law into British law.

  • Even Eyelashes freeze: Russia see minus 88.6degrees F, In Yakutia 5300KM from Moscow it is -44deg.

  • Devastated Kohli ask media what’s the best XI after series loss vs. S Africa 1stseries defeat as captain.

Today’s Word – *Rabulous* - Scurrilous

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Kia Motors to offer 16 powertrain vehicles by 2025

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Kia Motors To Offer 16 Powertrain Vehicles by 2025

  • The government may amend power act to levy hefty penalties on discoms for load shedding/make DBT provisions.

  • Telecom Communications favor raising spectrum holding limit, ease exit route for operators under stress.

  • Direct tax now rises 18.2% to 6.56TN in Apr-Dec, Breather for Government struggling to meet the fiscal deficit target.

  • "Practical Problem": Home Min Says No Plastic Flag This Republic Day – may face prosecutions & Jail.

  • Middle Class Can Hope For Big Tax Relief In 2018-19 Budgets – Hike personal tax exemption & tax slabs.

  • Wash raw veggies well, avoid barefoot walking- undiagnosed hookworm could lead to massive blood loss.

  • India 2nd largest contributor to IBM’s over 9000 patents in 2017- Indian contributed 800 patents.

  • Increase in No of women coming in conflict with the law – Max arrests under IPC from Maha, MP & TN.

  • WTO: India-US dispute over solar cells, modules rise, US request for retaliatory measures against India.

  • World Bank: Foodborne disease cost India $28BN/year, need to invest in ensuring food safety for masses.

  • Banking fraud no longer rich man’s - Online electronic banking fraud befall anyone from small as Rs 200.

  • World Bank Says India Has Huge Potential, Project 7.3% growth rate In 2018, 7.5% for next 2 years.

  • H-1B Visa: No change in extension policy in relief for Indian techies, not force anyone to leave.

  • 8th richest Indian Uday Kotak ($10BN) plan family office to invest in the asset but spurns debt, crypto.

  • Electric Kwid headed to India after roll-out in China- road-worthiness & range extension tests done.

  • Anyone With Your Aadhaar No can see which bank you have an A/C in, No authentication Safeguard.

  • CIL revises coal prices, expect revenue gain 1956Cr in current fiscal, reduce import of high-grade coal.

  • ICRA: Electricity tariff may go up by 11P/Unit, fuelled by Coal India revising coal prices by 15-18%.

  • SBI to raise 5000Cr through long-term bonds aims at funding infra/affordable housing.

  • Kia Motors to offer 16 powertrain vehicles by 2025–5 new hybrids, 5 new battery EVs, and mass market FCEV (fuel-cell electric vehicle).

  • Government plans to overhaul 300 dry ports to resolve infra constraints faced by exporters & importers.

  • Tough 2018 for telcos as Jio price cut to delay ARPU recovery - key profitability gauge for the industry.

  • After Jet Stewardess Caught with 3 Cr, Questions on Airport Security & collusion of security officers.

  • Team Indus - 1st Indian Space Start-Up, dropouts Moon Race, 4 teams across world fray for $35MN Prize.

  • Government for 70%safeguards duty on China/Malaysia solar imports, citing threat to domestic industries.

  • North Korea, South Korea agree to resolve issues through dialogue– to hold military talks, issue Jt statement.

  • Pentagon: Space X launched satellite not seen in orbit, 2nd stage Falcon9 booster rocket failed.

  • Amazon's Jeff Bezos Now Richest Man In History With $105BN, shares added to 12-month surge.

  • Heavy Snowfall Strands 13K Tourists in the Alps at Zermatt, one of Swiss most popular ski stations.

  • Boeing to top Airbus with 763 Jets In 2017, Airbus to meet the target of 700 despite Pratt Whitney issues.

  • BBC under Fire after China Editor Carrie Quits Post in Equal Pay Row - secretive & illegal BBC pay culture.

  • France Car Maker Groupe PSA tie with TCS for smart cars at Indian cost, compete with Maruti/Hyundai.

  • Twitter Snap chat tie up with Fox to provide coverage of FIFA World Cup to be hosted in Russia.

Today’s Word - *Jack* - Ship's flag flown from jack-staff at bow of vessel.

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Monday, 8 January 2018

Pratyush -India's Fastest Supercomputer Now at Pune

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Pratyush -India's fastest supercomputer

  • Pratyush -India's fastest supercomputer, now at Pune IITM– facility for weather/climate forecast.

  • Find: Dealing with boss prone to mood swings worse than having bad boss, detrimental on productivity .

  • Trying to lose weight? Make sure protein-packed breakfast & regular exercise increase fat loss.

  • No need for national anthem in theatres: Government asks SC order on hold, panel form guidelines in 6months.

  • India reject US solar claim at WTO, exploring possible new protection of India's own solar industry.

  • Climate/Temp change turning 99% Baby Sea Turtles Female endangers their future in warmer world.

  • Fire at Child death tragedy infamous Gorakhpur’s BRD Hospital; principal’s office, record room damaged.

  • SC: set aside order holding larger tobacco health warning, 62%quit smoking based on this ads.

  • SC uphold freedom of expression for media, refuse revive case against Sardesai, dismiss bureaucrat plea.

  • Rarely used vitamin size endoscopy helps treat 14yr boy in Delhi after hookworms suck 22L blood.

  • R-Day prep: Delhi airspace closure reduced by 2 days, ensure not more 60 domestic flights cancelled.

  • India, Nepal agrees on border, clear encroachment on no man’s land – crucial to UP's 599KM border.

  • Railways to deploy drones UAV/NETRA for project monitoring/track maintenance, 1st in West Zone.

  • Help Age: Punjab worst offender among 4 states in abuse of elderly, suffer at hand of own offspring.

  • Government to test water for AI privatization after budget presentation, Draft ready for calling EoI from bidders.

  • SBI to raise up $2BN via overseas bond by public offer/private placement of senior unsecured notes.

  •  Shapoorji to acquire Adani’s 8L sq ft Bandra-Kurla Complex project for 2000Cr, outpace 7Cos.

  •  Nabard plan to almost double balance sheet to 7TN in 5yrs, paid-up capital give more headroom.

  • Rural economy, monsoons & State elections to boost FMCG Cos in 2018 both in volume & margin.

  • NPPA lens on 5 pharmacies cos for Hepatitis C drug overcharge launched without price approvals.

  • India’s 1L Gram Panchayats become Internet-service ready in 1st Phase, 2nd phase initiated by 8states.

  • 4 telecoms – Airtel/Vodafone/Idea/Jio battle for 150MN mobile users looking to port numbers with new tariff.

  • Sweden: Clothing giant Hennes & Mauritz remove racist ad featuring black child on social media backlash.

  • Pak’s water crisis: More than 2-3 drink bacterially contaminated water & 53K Kids die of diarrhea.
  • 2017: Costliest year in US history for natural disasters with series of fires & hurricanes costing $306BN.
  • Britain PM May tweaks team to face crucial Brexit, key Ministers for talks remain unchanged.
  • Move over Burj Khalifa- world tallest building Dubai Creek Tower coming around the corner, completed.
  • Chinese Startup Byton unveil car of future for $45K, promising to deliver intuitive & intelligent car.
  • Google’s fired Memo Author James sue Google alleged discriminating against conservative, white men.
  • Regulatory Agency Reject Trump plan to aid coal, nuclear plants disappoint coal miners pleased drillers.
  • Germany: 15K workers down tools, part of IG Metall campaign to improve work-life balance, 28HR/Week.
  • India vs. South Africa, 1st Test, Day 4, and Cape Town: Philanders 6/42 helps SA takes 1-0 lead vs. IND.
  • Wriddhiman Saha achieves ‘perfect 10’ in Cape Town, 1st Indian to effect 10 dismissals in test.

 Today’s Word - *Iatraliptic* - Relating to curing of diseases by means of unguents

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Eating food that is good for brain

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Eating food that is good for brain

  • Eating food that is good for brain, brain use 25% energy we consume most foods directed at heart.
  • Q3 earning to show 1st signs of revival, Consumer demand in festivals, rupee appreciation hurt exports.
  • Earth's Oceans Are Choking To Death Thank pollution, Climate Change, Plastics dominate list.
  • Parl Panel: Don’t privatise Air India, give 5yrs to revive-explore possible alternative to disinvestment.
  • 5 Dead in fire at Bar In Bengaluru, Victims employees who were sleeping inside when blaze started.
  • Navy 32K Cr deal to build 12new mine counter-measure vessels falls through after S Korea talks fail.
  • Northeastern neighbors wary - migrant spillover over Assam NRC – officials promise left out be included.
  • In a 1st, ITBP to sponsor India tour for elderly citizen living in border areas, double edu tour for children.
  • Centre okays construction of 14K bunkers along LoC, IB – 7162 Underground & 7298 bunkers.
  • 4 out of 10 trains in India delayed due to repair, maintenance work, block hrs for work increased 18%.
  • Standard procedure for GST profiteering complaint soon– 170complaints registered, 50sent to DGS.
  • Indian IT gear up for $50BN renewal, 12 are Multi-Billion & largest Siemens $7.2BN with French IT Atos.
  • Eye on 2019 polls Govt may woo middle class with tax sops, reward - fiscal costs will be weighed.
  • PSU Banks face 1463 NPA A/Cs Of 100Cr Each – SBI 265 bad loans, PNB 143 A/Cs over 100Cr.
  • UIDAI file case in Aadhaar-data-for-500 report, Journalist Named – Editor: more to come in breach.
  • DCGI bans import of drug ingredients from 6 Chinese Cos–shortage of Antibiotics/Anti-Diabetes.
  • IOCL, BPCL, HPCL will make proposal to halve merchant discount rates as MDR not passed to consumers.
  • From JNU to Bhima Koregaon, way hatred stoked resemble planned strategy/raises disturbing questions.
  • SEBI: Mutual fund Cos can’t be both adviser/distributor, 6 banks earn 1487Cr in 2016-17 as distributo.
  • Airtel Payments Bank removes 1000 retailers from network on investigations to zero in on errors/lapses.
  • Indian Rlys to equip all 8500 stations with Wi-Fi – 1200 for Passengers, 7300 for Passengers & Locals.
  • BSES launch rooftop solar single-point for apartment complexes,1st phase 150 residence society target.
  • 75th Golden Globe Awards 2018: Handmaid’s Tale, Nicole Kidman, James Franco among first winners.
  • Iran holds SPL meeting on protests over economies from Dec 28 while more pro-regime rallies happening.
  • Arabs seek global political decision to recognize Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.
  • New York Airport Terminal Flooded As Brutal Cold Grips US East Coast, cold temp broke records.
  • IOC To Host N Korea 2018 Winter Olympic Games Talks 'Midweek which is being staged in S Korea.
  • 2 US Lottery winners pull total exceeding $1BN- New Hampshire won $560MN, Florida won $450MN.
  • 2017: China Punished 1.59L for corruption – 1.22L cases – 48K related to poverty alleviation work.
  • Iranian Tanker Collide with Chinese Ship 160 nautical miles off Shanghai Coast, Spills Oil – 32 Missing.
  • Chinese city get face recognition tech for registering marriages - simplify procedure/less time-consuming.
  • Saudi: To ensure "Quality Of Living" $13BN Price Tag- monthly 1000 riyals to state employees.
  • Messi mark new milestone in Barcelona victory – 400th appearance in La Liga with an opening goal.

Today’s Word - *Habilitate* - To Equip or Finance

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